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FinServ Compliance performs an array of services tiered toward the small and medium size RIA.

Registration Services

Registering as an RIA with the a State or the SEC is a critical step in establishing your business as a trusted investment advisor. FinServ Compliance will understands the requirements, and we successfully navigate the registration process and build a solid foundation for your future as a financial professional.

Compliance Services

FinServ Compliance helps you navigate the complex world of RIA compliance with confidence and ease. Staying in compliance with industry regulations is paramount to maintaining your registration and building trust with clients. FinServ's comprehensive guide will help you understand the most important aspects of compliance for RIAs, providing valuable insights and best practices to ensure your firm remains on the right side of regulatory requirements.

Cyber Security

In an era of increasing cyber threats, it is more important than ever for Registered Investment Advisors to prioritize cybersecurity. By understanding the risks, implementing robust security practices, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness, your firm can better protect its clients and assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and uphold its reputation in the industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Registered Investment Advisers (“RIAs”) with investment discretion of over $100 million or more of equity securities that trade on an exchange (Section 13(f) securities), filing a quarterly Form 13F to report those holdings is a regulatory requirement. The Official List of Section 13(f) Securities provides the securities that firms must report on Form 13F, which is published quarterly and available for free on the SEC’s website at

At FinServ Compliance, we provide a comprehensive service to help RIAs comply with this requirement by preparing and submitting the Client’s Form 13F. Our service includes the identification of qualified securities, multiple manager reporting, preparation of the XML Information Table, and submission of the XML Table on EDGAR.

Our team is dedicated to assisting the RIA with identifying, uploading, and submitting reporting data, but it’s important to note that this service does not include evaluating a RIA’s holdings.

Trust FinServ Compliance to provide reliable and efficient assistance in the preparation and submission of your RIA’s Form 13F, allowing you to meet regulatory requirements with confidence.

At times, Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”) compliance programs may require additional resources or expertise. This could be due to changes in personnel, business operations, or regulatory requirements.

That’s where FinServ Compliance comes in, providing project base or hourly solutions for compliance program support. Our services cover a wide range of compliance program-related activities, including:

  • interim support for vacant compliance positions,
  • creating, updating or reviewing compliance-related documents such as policies and procedures, code of ethics, and disaster recovery plans.
  • We also assist with regulatory disclosure documents, client notices and agreements, marketing and advertising reviews, vendor due diligence activities, SEC or State examination support, and more.

Our hourly or project based service is designed to support RIA’s periodic need for assistance with compliance program administration. Each service is tailored to your specific needs and includes a thorough checklist of work with an beginning and end date. Our team of consultants and subject matter experts bring years of experience in regulatory compliance to help ensure your compliance program is up-to-date and effective.

Trust FinServ Compliance to provide the expertise and resources needed to ensure your RIA’s compliance program is always in good standing.:

Determining regulatory registration can be a complex process that depends on several factors, including a firm’s business model, assets under management, location of the firm and clients, and type of investment offering. To ensure compliance and avoid penalties, it’s critical that firms operate with the appropriate registration before providing investment advice and receiving compensation.

At FinServ Compliance, we offer a range of registration services to help firms navigate the registration process with ease. Our registration services include:

  • Foreign Invesment Advisor registration with the SEC
  • Transition 
  • Exempt Reporting Adviser (“ERA”)
  • State Investment Adviser
  • SEC Investment Adviser

Our experienced team understands the nuances of each type of registration and can help determine the best fit for your firm’s specific needs. We’ll guide you through the registration process from start to finish, ensuring all necessary documents are filed accurately and on time.

Partner with FinServ Compliance for expert regulatory registration services and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your firm is compliant.

FinServ Compliance offers comprehensive support in the registration process for Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) firms. Our approach is to work closely with the firm to design, create and implement the RIA’s compliance program before completing its registration. This ensures that the firm is meeting all regulatory requirements from the start and is well-equipped to maintain ongoing compliance.

Our team will aid in the drafting and submission of all required documents for registration, to ensure that the firm’s compliance program is properly established. During the registration process, the RIA will receive a range of essential documents, including

  • Form ADV 1,
  • Form ADV 2 A and B,
  • Form U4(s),
  • Customized Compliance Manual,
  • Privacy Policy,
  • Form CRS,
  • and Client Agreements.

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable and can provide guidance on the content and implementation of all required documents, allowing our clients to leverage our expertise to maintain compliance with ongoing obligations.

We recommend speaking with a FinServ consultant after SEC or state approval to inquire about additional services that can help the RIA maintain compliance with various ongoing obligations. Our ongoing support can include assistance with Updating Amendment (“Part 1”), Annual Review (i.e. 206(4)-7 Review), 13F Filings (if you meet the threshold), and compliance documents updates.

Trust FinServ Compliance to guide you through the registration process and provide ongoing support to help your RIA meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance.

Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) are legally required to maintain a compliance program that addresses specific regulatory requirements, including the designation of a chief compliance officer, written policies and procedures, annual program review, and other essential elements. The effective administration of an RIA’s compliance program can present significant challenges.

To address these challenges, FinServ Compliance offers Annual Compliance Program Support, which includes a range of core services designed to support the ongoing administration of an RIA’s compliance program. These core services include the annual updating amendment of Form ADV, annual program review in accordance with Rule 206(4)-7, updates to applicable compliance policies and procedures, an annual compliance meeting, a compliance program calendar, and a block of general consulting hours.

In addition to these core services, FinServ Compliance also offers a range of tailored services that can be added based on the specific needs of each RIA. These tailored services may include assessment, development, and implementation of policies and procedures for new regulatory rules, regulatory filing assistance for forms such as U4, U5, 13F, and PF, policy and procedure drafting and editing, document consistency review, and periodic CCO or compliance department support meetings.

It is important to note that while the core annual support services are designed to address the primary elements of a compliance program, they do not include the performance or testing of any specific compliance policy or procedure tasks. Clients have the option of adding these activities as a separate service, which will be identified and scoped accordingly. Overall, FinServ Compliance’s Annual Compliance Program Support provides comprehensive assistance to RIAs in the effective administration of their compliance program, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating potential risks.

All SEC-Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), as well as those who adhere to established best practices, are required to perform an annual review of their Compliance Program under Rule 206(4)-7. This review is crucial to ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of an RIA’s policies, procedures, and compliance controls.

At FinServ, we provide a comprehensive annual review service that encompasses the following stages:

  • Initial Firm Review checklist: We begin by gaining an understanding of the RIA’s business model, compliance program, and unique challenges and risks.
  • Document Request List: We request and review all relevant documentation, including compliance policies and procedures, client agreements, and other essential documents.
  • Interviews, and Follow-up Requests: We conduct a thorough analysis of the RIA’s compliance program, including interviews with key personnel, and request follow-up information as necessary.
  • Report Drafting: After our analysis, FinServ drafts a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations for improvement.
  • Delivery of Report and Final Interview: We deliver the report and conduct an exit interview to discuss our findings and recommendations.

Our annual review service is suitable for a wide range of clients, from small, one-member firms to the medium size firms in the industry. We tailor our service to meet the specific needs of each client and scale our review consistent with the complexity of their business model.

By engaging FinServ for an annual review, RIAs can identify areas of weakness and receive recommendations for improvements to ensure the effectiveness and adequacy of their compliance program. It is crucial to have an effective compliance program in place, and our annual review service provides an invaluable third-party perspective for firms seeking ongoing review or a periodic assessment.

Contact us today to learn more about how our annual review service can benefit your RIA.

As per regulatory requirements, all Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) are mandated to file their Annual Updating Amendment (AUA) within 90 days following the end of their fiscal year.

At FinServ Compliance, we offer comprehensive assistance to RIAs in fulfilling this regulatory obligation. Our Annual Amendment  filing service includes the following key elements:

  • Firstly, we review the RIA’s preliminary and/or final renewal FINRA statement to confirm adequate funding is available in their FINRA account.
  • Next, we update the RIA’s Form ADV 1, ADV 2, and other relevant documents as needed by communicating with and collecting data from the RIA.

We also conduct a review of the RIA’s client base to ensure that all firm registrations and notice filings are completed in the appropriate jurisdictions.

Finally, we upload and submit all required documents via FINRA’s IARD/CRD Portal, ensuring that the RIA’s Annual filing is in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

It is essential to note that our AUA filing service specifically caters to the annual updating amendment requirement. For new registrations in additional jurisdictions, IAR registration, or writing new regulatory disclosure content, we provide separate services.

At FinServ Compliance, we pride ourselves on providing customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to comply with regulatory requirements while managing risk effectively. Our Annual filing service is just one of the many ways we support our clients in achieving their compliance objectives.

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